Computer Health Check


If your PC / Laptop or Tablet is running slow, give us a call , chances are there maybe something hindering its performance. We can perform a couple of checks and advise you on the correct course of action.

Basic is best

Continually Improve

Anything Goes

Basic is defiantly the best way to start any relationship, and this is no different is the Business and I.T world.

Once our customer is happy with a solution we provide it does not stop there. We and the client are in it for the long run.

We provide service plans to suit any business or user, from one off calls (If you Like) to monthly service agreements. Sometime we just even stop by to say Hi and check everything is working well, or simply pick up the phone or drop us a quick email.

We are always happy to help.

The great thing about Ginger Geek , is that we work with all our customers in person. What we mean by anything goes is we are involved as much or as little as is needed. We work hard with each of our customers to provide a custom service uniquely tailored to the customer industry and environment.

Ginger Geek Computer Services and IT Consultancy.

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Anti Virus / Malware Checkup


It doesn't matter what type of computer or phone you have these days, Virus's and Malware attack all platforms. Call us today and we can perform a Free Check for you.

You will be glad you did !


Office I.T Checkup


If you feel your current I.T setup in your office (regardless of how big or small) is just not the way it used to be , give us a call . We can provide a inspection of all your services and equipment and report back on our findings.

  • General I.T Support
  • Internet Services / Leased Lines
  • Desktop Support
  • Server & Network Support and Maintenance
  • VoIP & Unified Communications
  • Remote Support for Customers
  • Cost Analysis of current IT Solution
  • Advice and Support


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