Our Mission is Simple:
Simple Solutions by Using Technology


Technology is all around us these days, it touches all of our lives from using Internet Banking to working in our jobs. Our aim is to make this journey simple , and not to over complicate the process. We aim to help everyone use technology in their own way which suits their needs and only their needs.

  • Service and Maintenance Contracts

  • Support for Windows Server
  • Repair Services
  • Problem Resolution Services

  • Network & Server / Workstation Support

  • Voice Over IP (VoIP) Installation
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP) Maintenance
  • Full I.T Office installation Service

Services we offer for Businesses

  • Free Introductory Visit to your Business .
  • Internet & Firewall Services
  • Security Services
  • Security Audit

Services we offer

  • Free Introductory Visit to your Business

Business Services

Laptop & Tablet Repair & Servicing

We work to your time, we can even arrange a visit to your home or business, we can arrange weekend visits and evening visits when booked in advance.

We Work Around Your Schedule

Many machines run slow, and under perform, you may simply have a Virus or Malware. Drop in a see us we have many state of the art recovery and removal tools.

Virus / Adware Removal

If your computer is running slowly or not working correctly, we can perform a health check. Like a doctors appointment we can fix issues and recommend solutions. Call in for a free no obligation chat.

Computer Health Checks

Computer Repair

We pride ourselves in being able to fix most any make of computer system. We have a huge source of replacement parts and inventory.

Our Mission

Ginger Geek Computer Services, Computer Repairs

Browse Online or Call Us:   0161 850 0187

0800 862 0185

Finance on New Equipment

We have been in the industry a long time. We are not driven by sales targets etc. Call in for a chat we would be happy to recommend hardware & software that is custom fit to you.

Want a new computer but cant afford the initial payment all in one go?

 We can offer finance to assist you. Low monthly payments help you spread the cost.

We can repair most Laptops and Tablet , and if we cant for what ever reason you don't pay us a penny!

Upgrade of Equipment

Sale of New Equipment

If you already own a computer , it may just need some additional memory or space. Call in and see us we can perform upgrades onsite and sometimes while you wait.